Frequently Asked Questions

How tall are the gnomes?

The gnomes with boots are around 8 inches tall. The tiered tray gnomes without boots are around 6 inches. Occasionally there are tall featured gnomes without boots that are 9 inches tall.

What are they made of?

The gnomes with boots have a styrofoam cone base. The tiered tray gnomes without boots have a cardboard base with a wooden bottom.

Do you make garden gnomes?

No, all my gnomes are interior home decor, they are too fancy for the outdoors.

Are these gnomes toys?

No, my gnomes are not toys. They have small parts not safe for children. They are for decoration only.

How much do they weigh?

Each gnome weighs about half a pound.

Do you make custom gnomes?

Yes! Please select our "Custom Gnome" option. Then write your ideas in the comments. Keep in mind...we will want to know beard color, hat color, boots or no boots, and embellishment ideas. We will make your vision come to life!

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